Sunday, April 5, 2015

KarePax Review: March 2015

Earlier in the year, KarePax was just getting started and they allowed a bunch of bloggers to test them out before they were officially operating. This made a lot of sense from their point of view, because it gave them a few months to get feedback, generate interest and reviews, and best of all, make adjustments if there were any issues. I had tried their subscription box out and loved it

KarePax is a really unique subscription service, because they send you a big box of snacks from all over the world, but they also send you comic books. I love this mix. There are tons of snack boxes, including snacks from every part of the globe, but KarePax includes comics and those are hard to come by unless you get them randomly in the geek subscription boxes. The comics you get from KarePax are also indie comics or lesser known titles, so you aren't just seeing more Star Wars comics. As fans of comics AND food, this was obviously a good fit for my husband and me. KarePax is also a responsive company, so they are able to make adjustments (like when we can't eat products because we don't eat meat). 

The first items in the box were chips (well, crisps as they're British) and my husband was SO happy about this - until he realized he can't eat any of the three flavors. One was prawn cocktail (of course - whenever we travel to the UK, we always wonder why anyone eats these), another was roast chicken, and a third was pork. I will say that it's nice that the British flavors source meat from British companies and farms and that they don't load the chips with fake meat made from preservatives, but that still doesn't mean we can eat them! :) I am sure Crafty or her husband will be happy to try these out, though!

The first comic was Invisible Republic. I haven't read this yet, but it looks really awesome! It has a sci-fi and dystopian look, both of which I enjoy, so hopefully we will love it. I also like that this is the first issue. This is from Image, who aren't really a small publisher, either, but it's not one of the titles you hear about a lot. This is exactly what I would love to see from KarePax!

Now, back to the food. I can't list everything because, honestly, it was just way too much. The boxes are GIANT and they come packed with items! We got a couple boxes of Hello Panda cookies, and I love these! We also got a bag of Smoki, a puffed peanut snack that looks like sausages but isn't.

In keeping with the theme of comics and food, we got a cookie from Einhorn's Epic Cookies, which comes with its own mini comic. On the back, it reads, "Comics, cookies, and a unicorn." As these are three awesome things, this is pretty great.

The box had a bag of non-gelatin fruit snacks, an almond roll, some European chocolate, and taffy. There was also a Curly Wurly bar - these are so fantastic!!

Our other comic was a Bill and Ted comic. I am SO excited for this! You have no idea how much I love these movies. It's ridiculous, but I really, really do. I love my KarePax this month and I'm excited to read these books!

Just a note - we accidentally received two copies of Invisible Republic. I reached out to KarePax and although I didn't mind, I did want them to know before finding out here. Within two days, I had not one replacement book, but two, and they also told me to pass along the duplicate to someone who will enjoy it. That's awesome service! Here are the two books I received as replacement. I am looking forward to checking these out, too!

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