Wednesday, April 22, 2015

EpicBelle Comfort Grip Crochet Hooks Review

Epic is right! I use my hands for a lot of crafting and I tend to get hand and wrist pain often with repetitive motions. In February, I made some very tiny crocheted hearts with a small hook, 2.0 mm, and I struggled to keep the hook in my hand. I recently used EpicBelle Comfort Grip Crochet Hooks for the same project with no trouble at all. I was very excited to receive these for review, as I clearly use crochet hooks a lot.

I am a fairly easy person to please if I can see a purpose for something. If it works as it says it does, chances are I am going to like it. With that said, I try not to rave about things that are just good, because if I did, what would be the incentive for you to want to try a product or service that was truly amazing? Boxy and I try to share only things that we feel are worth your time and money, and if they aren't, we tell you. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, I LOVE THESE HOOKS!

I generally purchase crochet hooks because I need a certain size. When I do, I buy the cheapest one I can get because all hooks are created equal, right? No! The hooks I currently have have no grip on them at all so the size of the hook is the size of the whole thing. If it is a 2.0 mm hook the handle is also 2.0 mm. I find that when I use such a hook, I have to hold tighter to the hook, which causes hand cramping and wrist pain. Since EpicBelle's hooks are designed with a grip around the handle portion, they are far easier to hold in your hand, making it almost effortless to crochet. It is hard to describe in writing how incredible these really are. 

You can really see the difference in the handles in the picture above. I feel like when I use the EpicBelle hooks, I am better able to gauge my tension so that my crocheting doesn't come out too tight. When I hold a regular hook in my hand and have to hold it tighter to make sure it doesn't slip out of my hand, I then tend to crochet tighter than I should. When each handle of the different hooks is the about size of a pen, it is a more natural hold, making it easier. I am also a sucker for colors and with each different size having its own colored handle, it is an added bonus for me. 

The set of nine hooks comes in a clear package holder that can be used for storage of the hooks and, if you ask me, the price for all nine can't be beaten. Be sure to stop by our YouTube Channel and check out my demonstration of these hooks

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