Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Loew Cornell 6 Piece Spongit Brushes Review by Crafty

When Boxy told me I was reviewing arts brushes, I admit I was surprised. I know she loves to paint, but she said she hasn't been doing much with her art supplies and now with moving, she didn't know when she would. She also figured I could use these in some of my crafts projects, so when it rained (and snowed...) all weekend, I took the opportunity to spend time inside creating! And this time I used the Spongit brushes I had received for review.

It's been a while since I have done anything with paints or chalk or even my scrapbooking items to be honest. However, this weekend my oldest (and the only girl) decided she wanted to paint pictures with me. I knew the brushes would come in handy and I had grand ideas for them. Sadly, I am not exactly the most artistic individual. I was also unable to find the chalks I use for scrapbooking in the basement, which slowed down my plans.

My daughter suggested we use her pastels instead, which we decided together might be a good idea. I figured I could use the brushes to blend the pastels.

I would like to remind everyone that I am NOT an artist. So this is the picture I created. My daughter definitely could have done a better job.

I used pastels from my daughter's art kit, some watercolors, and the brushes. The pastels were harder to blend then I had anticipated they would be. It took me a lot of time and pressure on the brushes to get them to smudge. I think I am most proud of the sun; all the colors really came together nicely in it. I know that it isn't hard to mess up a circle, and I love that it doesn't have to be perfect.

The watercolors were much easier to use with the brushes. There was minimal pressure needed and the colors came out much bolder than I expected. My daughter had just told me she didn't want to paint with watercolors because they were too hard. These brushes came to the rescue, solving that problem because they absorb a good amount of paint in the tip.

My one big complaint about these brushes is that the pastels were very hard to rinse off the tips, and the foam surrounding the small piece of plastic inside was fairly thin. This caused the plastic to break through the foam, leaving me unable to reuse some of the brushes.

The ones we used for the watercolor paints held up just fine, and they even cleaned up amazingly well. It is always hard to tell with a paint brush if you have gotten all of the paint out or not. With these, it was easy to tell when they were clean. Not to mention that the paint rinsed right off.

I used some in a YouTube video as well to show their use in scrapbooking and I will keep the four we have left for the kids to use for watercolors.

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