Friday, April 24, 2015

Wholly Hemp Review: April 2015

I love so many things about Wholly Hemp. The products are natural, they give back to help build stronger communities, the packaging is basic so it's easily recyclable, and it's an affordable way to get awesome bath and body products that are cruelty-free. Also they utilize hemp, which is a sustainable resource we desperately need to be using more. 

My box this month also had a jar of orange moisturizing cream, but Crafty was using it when the box arrived! Also included was a stick of Secret Falls deodorant. I have been using the Honest Company spray and I love it, but with summer coming up, a stick will be nice because it's a bit more certain to keep me smelling fresh. (Also I just tried the lavender vanilla deodorant from Honest Company and it smells exactly the same as my bergamot sage, so that's a bummer.)

My two soaps this month were Luscious Lemon and Calming Cypress. They both smell amazing and I am sure will be wonderful to use like everything else from Wholly Hemp.

One thing I personally love about Wholly Hemp is that they're very secure in the quality of their products. They do minimal advertising and I don't see endless promotions for them. They also aren't screwing customers to get positive reviews from bloggers, which is something way too many subscription boxes do. I love that they're interested in making a quality product and they are comfortable knowing it will succeed because it's awesome, not because of affiliate links.

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