Sunday, April 12, 2015

Super Cool New Box: March 2015 (Deadpool)

A while back, I had been looking for a new geeky subscription box, because the big name ones just don't cut it for me. I don't want endless swag; I was looking more for collectibles. I am willing to pay a bit more if I feel like the value is there and it's more thought out as well. 

I came across Cool New Box, who offers a monthly box with a theme like the others, but they also offer Super Cool New Box. This is almost twice as expensive, but is supposed to be super. Like I said, I will usually pay more for better quality and I will try anything once. To be sure, though, I went online and checked out some unboxing videos of Super Cool New Box. The ones revealed were loaded and I signed up. 

At this time, I have to say that Super Cool New Box is extremely far from super. It's the biggest disappointment I've had in a geeky subscription box, because although the quality is better than Loot Crate, the price is too high to justify. I thought maybe there was an error and that I had ordered the regular box, or that the super part hadn't shipped yet, so I contacted the people at Cool New Box just to be sure. They instead argued with me about shipping costs and defended the items, saying that the retail value was correct. I went to Amazon - and I could actually get these items for cheaper with free two day shipping, rather than $20 shipping that takes two few weeks. So sadly this is not only not super, but also overpriced. I guess Cool New Box simply does the shopping for you, but that's not the point of subscription boxes for me and I wouldn't have bought half these items, so it just feels like money wasted. 

The positive is that the items are Deadpool, who has always been my husband's favorite comic book character. He has all the books and has always liked Deadpool, although he's a little worn down by his sudden inclusion in pop culture. 

Anyway, here's what I received. The first two items were Deadpool sunglasses and a wallet. The wallet is not made of leather, which is nice, although I can't see either my husband or I wearing a chain. I think we've passed that point. The price tags for the items were still on from Hot Topic. 

The shirt is a Deadpool Disney mashup and the POP is a Hot Topic exclusive (although you can also get it on Amazon).

Last was a Wacky Wobbler. These are okay and kind of expensive. I guess that's the primary value of the box. Honestly, this was really not worth it and although I don't want to publicly confess how much it cost me, let's just say I could have gotten nearly six months to other boxes for this. I don't think Cool New Box is for me and I definitely don't think Super Cool New Box is super at all.

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