Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Infinity Crates Review: March 2015

There are so many geek subscription boxes and, like geek fandoms, each caters to a certain kind of person. What is a total win for someone could be an epic fail for another. We like different things and even if you're like me, with a wide range of interests, you may find certain types of items more valuable than others. I love POP figures and collect them, so I feel a box that includes one as a guarantee each month gets a boost over ones that don't. Others don't care about those things, or prefer more variety. Again, it's a personal experience. 

I really loved my box from Infinity Crates last month and was so anxious to get this. It shipped almost a month ago and I was getting worried. It does come from Wales, so that means more waiting, but I was starting to think it had been lost. In fact, I went to the Infinity Crates Facebook page and posted that it had been lost - only for my mailman to drop it off literally five minutes later!! 

Anyway, I didn't love the Adventure theme as much as the Nostalgia theme, mostly because it's a pretty broad topic and I surprisingly didn't receive anything from Game of Thrones, which is a bit of an obsession here. At the same time, I am pretty happy that I didn't, because I have a lot of the POPs from the series and I'd be more likely to get a repeat had it been included. Still, although it wasn't as good, I still truly enjoyed this box and plan to keep this subscription. 

I'm a big fan of the Evolution of Gaming poster. I actually have a very nice hardcover book like this that my husband got me for Christmas a few years ago and this will go well with all my nerdy decorations for our nerdy room!

The button collection was slightly random. I don't love Mario, but it makes sense as we love gaming, and I do love Skyrim. The others don't really work for us. Crash Bandicoot and Up are just not favorites, but I can put them somewhere, I suppose. I think this would be the only real disappointment in the box and since they're Infinity Crates buttons and they do ask for your interests, I guess I would prefer to have received four fandoms I like. Again, not a big deal - just a slight disappointment.

I have a lot of nerdy key chains now and actually several are Lord of the Rings, but since I misplace my keys constantly (I actually don't know where my house keys are, and we are moving so I need to find those), this is a good reminder that I need to get myself organized.

One of my biggest complaints with companies like Loot Crate was the prevalence of paper goods, but I don't really mind once in a while. I like this Millenium Falcon notebook and can always use notebooks. I just don't like getting them more than once in a while.

I love my Marty McFly POP and he will be able to travel with Doc now, since we received him before! :) The vest is great, of course.

Finally, the shirt is pretty basic, but I spent a LOT of time playing Skyrim and then a lot more playing Dragon Age: Inquisition, which is basically Skyrim II, so it is a perfect shirt for me! Definitely check out Infinity Crates, because they always include a shirt, poster, and POP, which makes up most of the value right there.

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