Thursday, April 30, 2015

Eco Emi Review: April 2015

I always get so excited when Eco Emi arrives! Admittedly, this was my least favorite of the boxes I've received, but mostly because it's all about renewing products and I'm inundated with that kind of stuff. Sadly it's also the end of the road for Eco Emi, which they recently announced. :(

This month's box was actually pretty full, but it was a lot of stuff I wouldn't normally use. Again, the theme just isn't really for me, but I'll try some of the items for sure.

Included was a sample of Aromaflage, a dual perfume-bug repellant. I'm interested in how this works. It smells like perfume, but apparently it can work to keep bugs away. Although I don't know what that says about the perfume, I like the concept.

There was also a jar of cuticle rejuvenator, which I likely will not use since my nails are so far from help at this point. I also received a packet of cleansers and facial care products from Eslor, which I will try, on the other hand. There was also a midnight chocolate biscotti and that's already been tried and enjoyed!

One of the items I'm pretty excited to try is the Arnicare pain relief gel. I put it aside, though, since I bet I will need these a lot once we move and have carried our billions of books!! Finally, there was a little big of goodies for facial care. Again, not really something I'd seek out but I'll try it.

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