Sunday, April 12, 2015

Prospurly Review: April 2015

Prospurly is one of the new kids in the subscription box world. Their mission is to provide quality items that help you live a happier life. It's not a cheap subscription, but they promise to make up for it with high quality items. 

The first box came well packaged and is very pretty. The info card was attached to the box itself and everything is detailed on the back. This is Prospurly's first box. 

The first items I saw were the trio of maple syrup. I am actually running low right now on syrup, so what good timing! I love that there is a variety, too, because I like to have options for syrup.

Also included was a tin of loose leaf tea and a portable steeper. I don't drink tea, but this will make a nice gift. I also like that they were thoughtful enough to include the steeper, because loose leaf tea is great but having the steeper makes it that much better!

There was also a giant container of bath salts, which I am passing on to my mom. I don't really take baths and actually the new house where we are moving doesn't even have bathtubs (but it does have rain showers, so I'm more than okay with that). My mom, however, loves baths and she will enjoy this. I like that it's vegan, organic, and gluten-free, too.

Also included was a bar of soap and I always like soap. This is multi-purpose as shampoo, too, which is a bonus. It's great for traveling.

I'm not sure I will use the candle, because I don't have anything to sit it in and also because it's cuter as a pinecone. I think my mom will love this, so I will probably give it to her, too.

I'm pretty excited to try the wish papers and God knows I could use some luck right now!

The last item was a very yummy toffee and nut chocolate bar. I ate this right away, of course.

Overall, the items and quality of the first box are great. For the price (which is steep), I don't think I will continue simply because I can't justify it if I'm only using a few of the items, but if this was a quarterly box, I may change my mind. I will be keeping an eye on Prospurly, though, because I do like that they have to offer and maybe down the road, I will find that the price makes sense to me personally.

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