Friday, April 3, 2015

Lunch Bag from Hango Review by Crafty

I admit that I am addicted to bags, totes, baskets - anything I can stick things in to store. This is particularly amusing to me because when my children "stash" things in bags and bins, it causes me great stress. Anyway, I have three lunch bags that I use pretty regularly since I take my dinner to work every night. It depends on what I take as to which bag I will use. That is probably what interested me most in reviewing the Lunch Bag by Hango set. These two lunch bags even arrive in their own cotton bag for storage.

When you order the lunch bags, you get two sizes: small and a large. I actually thought that the small would be about the size of a regular lunch bag and the large one would be the size of a mini cooler. This is not actually the case; the small one is pretty small, and the large one is the size of a regular lunch bag. At first I really wasn't sure what I would use the small one for. 

Last night, though, as I was getting ready to make my dinner for work, it dawned on me that I could maybe use the small one to put my hot dinner in and then put it in the larger one with my snacks. My hope was that this would eliminate having to microwave my dinner when it was time. Sadly, when I went to pull out my container for dinner, it was no longer warm. I don't actually hold this against the lunch bag. I made my dinner at about 3:30 and did not get it until about 6:30. I really did not expect it to work, but I was excited by the possibility.

I did put my water bottle in the larger one last night as well. I am happy to report that my water was perfectly cold when I pulled it out. That was without an ice pack! 

After attempting to keep my dinner warm with the small bag, I started to try to think of other possible uses for it. It came to me in the shower of all places. The small one is the perfect size to toss three juice boxes and some applesauce pouches in for our trips to the park or pool over the summer. It is also the perfect size for people who have children who need to take refrigerated medications to daycare or school. I, of course, then thought I need to tell my friend about these, as she has a daughter with Type 1 Diabetes. This is perfect for an ice pack and insulin, which needs to stay cold. I swear - the things that come to me when I am in the shower. 

The larger bag is the type of lunch bag I would send to work with my husband or even to school with the kids. I admit I like color and patterns and this bag is very generic, but that is just superficial. If it works and keeps meals cold, then I suppose it wouldn't matter to most people what it looked like.

I would also love to see the company add a longer handle/strap to the bag. The short handle at the top makes it hard to carry when you have a million other things in your hands. I would prefer to be able to toss it over my shoulder and go. 

I do love that it comes with a lifetime warranty because, if  you have kids, you know how hard they can be on just about anything. After a school year, their lunch bags look like they have been run over by the bus, or as if there an ongoing science fair project is taking place inside.

I was also impressed with this company's customer service. The day after I ordered, they sent me an email just saying that if I needed anything to let them know. 

I like that these two bags come together to provide a variety of options, that there is a warranty for the bags, and that they seem to be quality-made. I would love to see more colors or patterns, as well as a longer handle - maybe one that you can take off if you don't want to use it that way. 

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