Thursday, April 30, 2015

Awesome Pack Review: April 2015

I really hate having to pause certain subscriptions, and I especially hate it with Awesome Pack, because they do such a good job customizing each pack to our interests. However, we are now two months behind on playing any of the games we've received and until we settle in the new house, it doesn't make sense to have more to move. I will definitely return to Awesome Pack immediately upon settling, though!

This month, we received our cat toys, but asked to hold off on the little bonus items simply because everything is in boxes right now and the less we have to move, the better. 

Our first game is Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards, which has a warning of adult language and content. That makes me happy, since we don't care about things like that and I like that this is a game designed for adults, not kids or families. It also sounds a bit like M:TG and since I tell Awesome Pack in every survey that they should send me cards, they did! ;)

The second game we received was Jab Realtime Boxing, which seems like an odd choice for us, but I bet it's one of those games that is strangely addictive and surprisingly fun. It's card-based and sounds interesting, but I'm so not a sports fan. However, my husband is and I bet this will become a game we didn't anticipate was as enjoyable as it is.

Our last game was another strategic card game, since we did stress that we enjoy those. This is Maximum Throwdown and I am looking forward to trying all of these as soon as we settle into the new house and set up our gaming area.

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