Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ander Blake Company Liquid Chalk Marker Review

Back in February, I received a set of chalkboard labels to review. At the time, I was going label happy on nearly everything in the house, but I had one complaint: the chalk wiped right off and there was no chalk marker included with the labels. Of course, I jumped for joy when I was approached by Ander Blake Company to receive the company's liquid chalk markers to review .

Before getting to the markers, I wanted to share a little information about Ander Blake Company. This company was started in 2012 and is a family business. Their goal is to inspire individuals to create as well as to give back. Beginning in August 2015, the company will donate 5% of sales to various charities in an effort give back to those who are working to make the world a better place. Once they release the information on who they are partnering with, we will be sure to share with all of you.

This pack of eight brightly colored chalk markers arrived at my house and I wasted no time wandering around and finding things to try them on. I did manage to ruin the tip of the purple marker, not because they aren't quality markers, but because I am inpatient. You have to "prime" these markers by pushing the tip into the barrel a few times to get the liquid onto the tip and then shaking it so the tip fills with color. I wanted this process to occur faster so I pushed the purple one down a few times on a flat surface, which caused the tip to spread a bit. This is the only one I did this with because I learned my lesson. I am told patience is a virtue, and it is one that I don't often possess.

These markers can be used on chalkboard labels, plastics, windows, whiteboards, and more. They easily wipe off with a wet rag, but don't wipe off before you want them to. I wanted to put that to the test because I want something that is going to stay on the label or container when I put it there, but also come off when I am ready to change it.

I was happy to see that the markers are eco-friendly and made with three ingredients: water, resin, pigment.

I made a little sign for the kids on the sliding glass door yesterday. I love that I can write on the windows and mirrors, but take it off without damage when I am done. This is great for decorating front windows for a party or for just letting the kids have a little fun drawing on a surface they aren't usually permitted to draw on. Hopefully we will get a lot of use out of these markers.

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