Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Love with Food Deluxe Box Review: April 2015

I realized after receiving my Love with Food box that people felt this was a bit short on snacks. I suppose that's true, since usually there are more items, but these were bigger than a lot of what we normally receive, so maybe that's why? Either way, I actually think this is my favorite box since I like almost everything in it, as opposed to the sort of hit and miss history I have with Love with Food. While I definitely consider it a worthwhile subscription, I do find that there are snacks each month that don't appeal to me. This one was pretty solid overall, on the other hand. 

The first two items were popcorn chips, which is a really interesting new snack. We received kettle and white cheddar flavors, and I am happy with those two flavors. Two of our favorite snacks are kettle chips and Smartfood, so these are a great way to try something new that also isn't so new it feels odd. 

The only thing I probably won't use would be the tea packs, since I don't drink tea very often. However, saying that, I will admit that I do drink green tea once in a while and tropical sounds very appealing, so if I were to drink tea, these would likely be something I would select.

We also received a lemon Luna Bar (while I like Luna Bars, I am getting tired of them in subscription boxes), a bag of chocolate chip cookies (yum!), and two packs of Sour Beans. I am in love with these Sour Beans! They're little chewy candies with the texture of Sour Patch Kids but with a sweeter flavor. They don't contain gelatin and I would definitely buy a big bag of these!

My husband and I were both happy to see another Chocolate Moose Dragon cookie again, since we had received one in another box. Again, chocolate + dragon = win. 

I haven't tried the pasta chips yet, since we've gotten these before but my husband always steals them. I am hoping I can sample these, because these are a flavor I would really like, I bet.

Finally, there was a pack of Walker's Shortbread, which I love and frequently buy on my own, and a snack pack with hummus and pita chips. My husband brought the snack pack to work and was happy, since he loves these items.

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