Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Candy Adriatico Review: March 2015

When Candy Adriatico reached out to me a while ago about reviewing their subscription box, I was interested but wary. I have had inconsistent success with international foods, mainly because of the ingredients. I had no idea what to expect from foods from Eastern Europe, since I don't know a great deal about the region (although it's one of the places on the absolute top of my must-see travel list). 

I really enjoyed my first box and so I was excited to see what was in store for March! Because of issues with shipments, this one actually shipped before I had the February box in hand (not anyone's fault - just the slow nature of customs). 

I love that the box comes with a postcard from the region, because it definitely introduces you to a part of the world you are not seeing represented often.

This month's box included quite the variety. There were hard candies filled with hazelnuts and I admit I can't tell you how I feel about these. They tasted great, but it was so unexpected. You don't see something like this around here and I love that it's different, without being made from something strange and alien!

There was also a bag of fruit toffees, which had the taste of Starburst, but the texture of taffy. It was certainly unique!

I loved the chocolate bar with crisped rice, which was an Italian snack. I tend to love anything Italian, I think. The custard-filled croissant was not what I expected, either. It actually is a croissant with a little cream filling and it probably would be great warmed up (only to think of that now!).

My favorite item, though, was definitely the Kinder Bueno. These aren't new to me, but the little hazelnut candies are always a welcome sight in any subscription box.

If you are looking for something a little adventurous without going too far from your comfort zone, Candy Adriatico is the way to go. You will get slight twists on the candies and sweets you already love - as well as some insight into a part of the world that's beautiful but frequently overlooked.

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