Thursday, April 23, 2015

Collectible Geek Review: April 2015 (Assemble)

Since I just did my overview of current geek subscription box offerings, this review comes at a good time. Collectible Geek, for me, remains one of the best simply because the boxes come loaded and the items are high quality. I also have enjoyed their themes immensely (although we will be skipping May, since it's TMNT and we aren't fans). This month's theme is Assemble, which means Avengers for those of you less savvy in the comics world - or those who don't watch movies. 

The first item was a really great Hulk shirt in traditional green and purple. I like the shirts from Collectible Geek a lot. I believe the shirts are exclusive to their box as well, although I'm not 100% sure. Either way, I liked this, including the colors. 

Instead of one full size poster this month, we received two of four prints available. This makes a little sense since the idea was four Avengers = four posters (poor Hawkeye...). These are cute, too. Baby Avengers! I love the Nick Fury one.

For the smaller items, we received an Avengers pin and Mjolner keychain. There was also a pair of Captain America socks and an Iron Man USB. A USB can be useful (and it's 8 GB so that's good, too) and I will wear ANY socks.

We also got a Mystery Mini Bobblehead of Iron Man and plush Hulk.

My husband has collected Avengers since he was a child and now owns every single issue, with the exception of the last few years when he just stopped. He still loves the series of course and is hoping to start again, but he took a break for a while. He's so excited about the movie coming out May 1 and we will likely see it a couple times in the theatre like we did with the last one.

I admit that I, however, am really not a comic book superhero fan. My comics interests are more along the lines of Sandman, but I knew this crate would be perfect for my husband. Avengers are a big deal for him.

So of course he was happy to receive all four major Avengers POPs. Surprisingly our POP collection is pretty sparse for comic book superheroes, mainly because I'm usually the one ordering the POPs that we don't get from subscription boxes and I don't tend to think of superheroes first. Now we just need Hawkeye and Black Widow - and Loki obviously!

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