Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Indie Craft Sampler Review: April 2015

This is my last month of Indie Craft Sampler, since I signed up for three months and they don't renew automatically. Right now is a good time to pause anyway, as I am doing with a ton of my subs, but I still enjoyed this sub. This month included a nice mix of products. 

The first set of items included a cologne, healing balm, nail polish, and body lotions. I love that the sampler has everything from personal care items to food and mini comics. All of these items intrigue me and I will be checking them out in detail once we move. I did notice a few are marked vegan already, and generally small indie artisans are cruelty-free, too, which is refreshing. 

There was another set of mini comics from Monster Hat, as well as some mixed media scrapbooking items. I also received two pins. One is a cute animal pin and the other is a brain. I really can't think of a time I would ever wear a giant pink brain pin, but I bet my husband's science teacher colleagues would love this!

There were three cards and I love the wicked awesome one. Recently I commented on something and said it was wicked something or other (probably something related to Xbox), and Crafty caught me in it. I forget, at times, that this is a very Boston thing, since people here don't react when you say wicked!

I was super excited to see the wax melts because I now have a tart warmer. They're peach, too, and that's not only a favorite scent, but also a definite "summer is almost here" scent! Yay for summer!

Last were two food items: a handmade caramel and a bag of granola. These are both gone now, suffice it to say. ;)

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