Sunday, April 12, 2015

PetBox Review: April 2015

The cats have been antisocial lately. I couldn't even get them to come downstairs for the unboxing of their newest PetBox. She came down for a bit, then got bored and wandered off, and he eventually showed up when he thought there may be food. 

In this month's box, there were only a few items because the items were bigger. There were healthy treats, which the cats didn't want because they only like junk food, and a catnip diffuser. There is also a refillable catnip toy, which they did eventually decide to bat around when they felt like showing up.

Their favorite item, of course, was the catnip pouch. We've been finding this in different random locations, when one cat or the other decides to carry it around to get more catnip from it. They lick the pouch and snuggle it, so apparently it's a hit!

PetBox is a fun treat for the cats every month, even though they tend to ignore new toys and randomly play with whatever they like. At least they have options!

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