Sunday, April 19, 2015

Smart Weigh Bathroom Scale Review

This is how you know you're old. My husband asked for a bathroom scale for Christmas, but then there was some confusion and the one he wanted wasn't available, so he didn't end up getting it. When Smart Weigh contacted us about a review of their Smart Memory Scale, I was so excited, because he could get the scale that was on his wish list. 

Can I just say that I can't believe how much I love a scale? Well, of course I don't love what it says, but the features on this scale are really awesome.

First of all, it saves up to eight different user profiles, so pretty much everyone can use this! Unless you have a family bigger than eight, you're golden. Each person's profile is also tracked with the memory function, which is so awesome. And it gets better. So let's say you get on the scale today and it registers you as a new user. Maybe you wait a few days because you know you shouldn't weigh yourself daily unless you want to lose your mind. Anyway, in a few days or a week, you get back on the scale - and it not only remembers you, but it also notifies you of any fluctuations. If you have gained weight, the screen turns red and if you lost weight, it turns green. Even your scale has your back when it comes to helping you track weight loss!

This is a high quality product with a ton of features, and it actually works up to 440 pounds, so it's a sturdier scale than most on the market. I suppose I never thought I would reach a point in my life when I got excited about a scale, but hey, it's a pretty sweet scale!! :)

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