Saturday, April 4, 2015

Geek Me Box Review: March 2015

There are a LOT of geeky subscription boxes these days. I've found that the ones most people know of tend to be of the lowest quality, filling a box with marketing papers and junk, while the smaller box companies are more consistent with collectibles and shirts. Geek Me Box is a smaller and newer subscription box, but they do include a shirt in every box and they've consistently sent action figures as well, which is nice. 

The March box had a comic book heroes and villains theme. The two pins included were the X-Men and Avengers, which made my husband very happy since these are two of his favorite comics series. We also received a Bane action figure; my husband is obsessed with Bane Cat, so now he has an action figure to put on our cats when they watch YouTube together. 

There was a really stylish Joker poster (his teeth are the bat symbol, which is neat). I have a hard time getting pictures of the posters in these boxes since they always come rolled up and refuse to stay open for a photo. Hence the "artistic" angled and upside down look here. ;)

Also included in the box was an awesome Batman mug - complete with cape! I love this little cape!!

Both my husband and I really love this shirt - a Joker/Loki mashup. Definitely awesome and certainly two of the coolest comic book villains! (Plus it's a nice universe crossover)

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