Friday, April 3, 2015

Geek Fuel Review: March 2015

Geek Fuel is one of my favorite geeky subscription boxes, for a couple of reasons. There are less items than you get in some of the boxes, but in exchange, the items are all higher quality. You don't get a lot of swag or marketing materials, instead getting useful or collectible items - and I find they're more unique. In addition, every box has included a game code for Steam, which is a MAJOR reason this is a favorite. All these boxes claim to be for geeks and gamers, but this is the only one in the group (all in the $20-$30 range with shipping) that actually sends game codes every time. 

This month, my bonus item was another Star Trek coaster, so I am building my collection, and there was also a Spock pin, which comes at an obviously good time. There was also an energy drink with a Gears of War theme and although I will never drink it (I don't do energy drinks), I will definitely display this can! Also included was a Game of Thrones comic. I am a huge Game of Thrones fan. I'm behind, since I normally always read the book first before watching any adaptation, but I came around to the show late. So now I'm trying to catch up by April 12 (I am writing this at the end of March and I'm ready to start Clash of Kings, so we shall see). I will definitely enjoy this comic and will likely start reading it from the beginning/continue with it.

Keeping with the Game of Thrones theme, the shirt was the "Thrones of Games" collection, featuring Iron Thrones made from gaming icons. The included games are Mario, Megaman, Sonic, Zelda, Halo, and Final Fantasy (seriously, I need a throne with Cactoid legs. This is a MUST in my life).

The poster was a really awesome Storm Trooper image that made me laugh. This artist, Darryll Jones, actually does a lot of these with his Storm Trooper, Eric. You can follow their adventures, as well as Jones' other Star Wars images.

My favorite item, though, was the last item. It's a dragon glass arrowhead!!! How cool is this?!?! I will be completely prepared for Ragnarok... um, I mean the end of the Song of Ice and Fire... with this in my possession. Bring on the White Walkers. 

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