Thursday, April 16, 2015

Blue Moby Coffee Review by Crafty (March 2015)

This review has taken me a while to get around to, because, to be completely honest with you all, it wasn't until Boxy brought it up this morning that I remembered I still had two of the four coffees to try so that I could review them!

Here's the scoop on Blue Moby Coffee. Blue Moby is a subscription box coffee service that will provide you with four different coffees from around the world for $17.99 plus $1 for shipping, which is awesome. The other thing that is unique to Blue Moby is that, each month, they choose a nonprofit and give back 10% of everything you purchase. The March nonprofit was Bring Love In, an organization located in Ethiopia that pairs widows with orphans to build new families, or as they call them, "forever families." Boxy mentioned before in her Causebox post that some people say they would rather donate to the organization directly but few do. Blue Moby offers you a way to do good, and get great coffee in return!

I want to start the review with the customer service at Blue Moby. I signed up for this box to give it a try to review since Boxy was trying out Bean Box at the time and didn't need two boxes of coffee. After my box arrived, I emailed customer service to pause my subscription because I really wanted to try it, but wasn't sure I wanted it to be a monthly thing. Jon at Blue Moby was amazing to work with. He first apologized because the month I signed up ended up being a shipping nightmare for them. I honestly didn't even notice the delay, but that is just me. We spoke a bit about the coffee and the blog, and he was very kind and understanding. The response time was quick, any questions or concerns I had were answered, and Jon was genuinely interested in reading my review. I really felt like I was important to the company after my exchanges with Jon.

Now for the coffee. I have mentioned in the past that I like light roasts far more than darker roasts so I was a little concerned I wouldn't appreciate the flavors as much. The four coffees I received were: Brown Betty Seasonal Blend - a blend of East African and South American beans (the tag mentions flavors of dark chocolate, caramel, and pomegranate), Kenya Kirimahiga (juicy black currant, red wine, ripe plum, and raspberry), Ethiopia Kochere (honeysuckle, white peach, and sweet tea flavor), and Colombia Finca Potosi, which is organic and is flavored with cocoa nibs and cherry orange with a dulce de leche finish.

Of the four I received, my favorites were the Ethiopian Kochere and the Colombia Finca Potosi. The Ethiopian coffee was on the strong side but I found myself truly enjoying it. I was surprised that, while I couldn't taste the actual flavors individually, they came together to create a near perfect cup of coffee. My first sip was a little bitter, but the more I drank it, the more I really loved the boldness and flavor. The Colombian was a little bit more mild so I was very happy with that aspect of it. When I am tasting coffee, I usually have a cup black first because I don't want my creamer to have any effect on the taste of the actual coffee. I did drink this one black at first, truly enjoying it, but because this has a bit of a caramel flavor to it, I figured I would give it a try with my caramel creamer as well. It was the perfect compliment to the already delicious coffee.

The blend and Kenyan coffees weren't my favorites, but it wasn't the coffee's fault. In theory, the blend sounded amazing. It sounded like a coffee I would fall in love with, since who doesn't love chocolate, caramel, and pomegranate? It was really just too rich for me, which makes sense because the tag even says it is "Compelling and Rich's staple espresso blend." Maybe in a latte this would have been better. Boxy may even enjoy this one, but it just wasn't for me. The Kenya Kirimahiga was good, but not great. I am not sure what it was about this one that I didn't enjoy, but as a whole I just didn't care for it. I think I am going to give this one to Boxy to try and see what she thinks. Her tastes are a bit more refined than mine are and Kenyan coffee is actually one of her favorites. While I drink a lot of coffee, it is usually whatever light roast is on sale at the store.

Overall, my experience with Blue Moby was wonderful. I plan to order again in the near future, because the coffee was great and I got to help do some good since a portion of my order went to a nonprofit. Plus I really like their logo. I know it isn't a reason to purchase something but the packaging was something I completely enjoyed.

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