Friday, April 24, 2015

Dapper Box Review: March 2015

As we have previously discussed, my husband is far from interested in style. So when I was offered the chance to review Dapper Box, I asked Crafty first if her husband would be better to review the items. She said it was fine for me to do the review, although I knew that meant my husband would likely be difficult. ;) Because this was a review box, we were sent the March box. 

However, Dapper Box is a fairly straightforward subscription box for men and it's really something that all men, even those less fashionable ones like my husband, could use. 

My box included two pairs of socks, a tie, a rose label pin, and a tie clip. My husband doesn't wear ties all that often at work, but he never minds having a new one and he was very interested in this one. He liked the simplicity, yet the colorful style. He also explained the concept of a tie clip to me, since clearly it's not something I use.

I can't imagine him using the lapel pin, but it's quite and a nice little touch for a box like this. It keeps up with the brand concept of a dapper gentleman.

When it comes to socks, I'm embarrassed to say that, try as I might, my husband refuses to wear anything but tube socks. However, I love socks and the ones in the Dapper Box are just fine for me. I adored the argyle pattern and it's a nice pattern for men with some style. There was a also a pair of solid block socks and those were super soft. I think these are also the right kind of socks to give a guy some panache in his outfit, without being too over the top. Perfect for work and casual settings. 

Dapper Box is a newer subscription, but I think it's something that's nice for men. It's not too expensive, it can be useful, and it's definitely the sort of box most guys won't buy themselves but can use each month. 

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