Sunday, April 26, 2015

MixCups Review: April 2015

Now that Crafty has introduced me to the wonderful world of the reusable K-cup, I have been drinking a lot more whole bean coffee. Still, there are times when even that is too much work and MixCups comes in great for those times! I skipped last month because I had my Bean Box delivery coming, but this arrived in good time as I am down to my last K-cups. 

The box includes 30 K-cups, with three of ten different selections. I don't usually go for flavored coffee, but since I end up with about 15 in these boxes, it's nice to have on hand for variety. It also works well when you can mix a flavored with a regular coffee, so you get just the hint of flavor.

There was a lot of Martinson in this box, including a House Blend, as well as a Hazelnut and Coconut. I was also surprised to see less small roasters and to get the inclusion of Tim Horton's. I kind of think of Tim Horton's as Dunkin' Donuts, although we can't get it here. They're still a giant company and I don't know that I was expecting to receive their coffee cups.

On the plus side, I was extremely excited to get the Ethiopian cups, since I tend to love the African coffees.

Overall, this is a valuable subscription, but I think it will be one I get sporadically now that I'm drinking more coffee I grind myself.

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