Monday, April 13, 2015

Sunsella Stainless Steel Vegetable Steamer Review by Crafty

For once my husband is so happy that I receive boxes nearly every day in the mail! My most recent package was the Sunsella Stainless Steel Vegetable Steamer, which I was given a chance to review.

I probably should have taken a picture of the steamer we had been using before asking my son to throw it in the trash, but I was just so excited not to have to use it anymore that I completely forgot. We bought a stainless steel steamer years ago. It has been used well, but it was time to get rid of it. It was stained and falling apart, and we were missing a few of the adjustable side flaps, so it really wasn't effective any longer. 

It is hard to say much about a steamer since they are all made fairly the same way. I do feel like this one from Sunsella is a little bit better quality than our old one. The sides adjust to fit almost any pot and it also collapses inwards to make for easy storage. The sides that fold in and out on this one are actually in place better than the old one's were, even when it was brand new. I like this because I always felt like the sides were going to fall off the other one, or my food would flop out when I went to remove it from the pot.

If you have never used a steamer before, I strong suggest you consider it. When you boil your vegetables in the pot full of water, have you ever noticed that the water turns the color of your vegetables? If you make broccoli - a favorite at our house - the water is green when you are done cooking it. What is happening is that all the nutrients, the good things that your body needs from that broccoli, are being pulled out of the vegetable and into the water. Your body is then not benefiting as much as it could be from the broccoli. Also, broccoli especially tends to get soggy when it is overcooked in boiling water. I don't know about you, but I prefer my vegetables not to be mushy when they are done. A steamer like this one is perfect because you place your veggies in the basket in a pot with about one and half cups of water. You bring that water to a boil and even though your vegetables are not covered in water, the steam is cooking them. This will allow those nutrients to remain in your food and provide you a cooked but not mushy vegetable. 

I am extremely happy to have this steamer from Sunsella because it is a sturdy, well-constructed item, but any steamer is better than boiling your vegetables. Plus my kids will eat more vegetables if they are not a pile of colorless glop on the plate. 

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