Thursday, April 2, 2015

Wantable Accessories Collection: March 2015 #2

So Wantable did such an amazing job handling the issue I had with my last accessories collection that I decided to order a second one. I have to say that two of these items may be some of my favorites yet and the others are also very nice! I really am so impressed by Wantable Accessories time and time again (I haven't had as much luck with Intimates, but that's okay). 

My first item was a light pink scarf with blue and it's such a nice spring scarf. It may be a bit too pastel for me, but Wantable has been great about pushing me just to the edge of my comfort zone for styles only to make me realize how much I end up loving the item after all! I feel like that may be the case with this scarf, so we shall see!

However, the first necklace I received is, I think, my absolute favorite item in my now... six? collections. It's the perfect blend for me. I have this very weird window for jewelry. I want simple and classic, but not boring, yet bold without being obnoxious. This is all of that and I could not have asked for a better necklace! I love it SO MUCH!

I also really love these earrings. They are the same balance - classic with enough flair to make them interesting. I love dangles, but they're not too showy while still being reflective of my personality. It must be so hard to find the right items for people, but Wantable's stylists have it down (at least for me in the Accessories department). 

I don't think I like the last item, but you never know when I will try it on and change my mind. I think it's a little weird looking and I feel like it needs to either get rid of the crystal or add something to work. However, I won't return it, because I tend to keep everything and test myself with pieces I don't think I like, only to end up enjoying them. Worst case, I have a necklace I don't wear and there are bigger problems a person could have. 

If Crafty and I have not made it clear enough yet, GO SIGN UP FOR WANTABLE!! :D

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