Friday, April 10, 2015

Game of Thrones Video Game Episode 3 Review

As I recently said, I have consistently been happy with Telltale Games although I've seen sort of a downhill trend these past few months. With that in mind, I went into Game of Thrones Episode 3 unsure how I would feel about it. I'm reading the books now and I feel like I am immersed in these characters' lives so much because we are also rewatching all the seasons before Sunday. It couldn't have come at a better time!

In Episode 3, I do feel as if choices are playing a bigger role. There are certain events that I don't know how they would turn out if I hadn't done certain things in previous episodes. Telltale does make a big deal about how important choice is, but in the last few games they've made, it seems like choices only let you feel like they matter. In the end, the game tends to be the same for most people, but I feel like that may not be the case in Game of Thrones. There are simply too many events with too many choices. I could be wrong, though.

Again, I prefer to minimize spoilers. You do see many of the major characters from the show, including Cersei, Tyrion, Jon Snow, and Daenerys. The first episode begins during the Red Wedding, and this one brings us to Purple Wedding, so it's definitely a bonus for fans of the series. I don't know how I would feel about it if I were not already invested in the world of Westeros, though, because it's far more about how you interact than it is about action. The action is there, but unlike The Walking Dead, this game feels more like something you would get as part of some special edition of the TV series collection. I don't really watch The Walking Dead, but my husband does. We both played the game and I liked it even more than he did, but he didn't think it felt like a bonus item for show fans. This game does, though.

Now, for me, that is far from a bad thing. In fact, it's exactly what I need because I can only read so fast (clearly much faster than GRRM can write and I came to the books quite late, although they have been on my to be read list for ages, even before the show existed thanks to a referral from a friend). I like having my obsession with A Song of Ice and Fire cross all mediums and I look forward to the next three episodes!

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