Thursday, April 23, 2015

On with the Show!

This week has been extremely busy and exciting. The kids' school play is quickly approaching. This past week was what is called "tech week." During tech week, the cast and crew spend many hours perfecting their performances, making sure their costumes are set for the show, and forming an even tighter bond with each other.

Tech week began with the costume parade. The cast came in full costume so that the director and costume committee (that's me) could approve or make changes to the costumes. This year the costumes required me to do very little, which was nice, since I am adjusting to not being at play practice every night due to my work schedule. Thankfully the biggest alterations I have made are adjusting the straps of a dress and adding feather plumes to the berets used for the actors who are part of the prologue. The costumes feature neon tee-shirts, bright colored plastic sunglasses, and berets with feather plumes. With an 80's feel to the costumes, there is no shortage of bright colors.

The rest of tech week involved longer hours than usual at practice. Generally the students are at drama practice two days a week for an hour or two, but tech week is four full evenings of practice for three hours a night. The cast has improved tremendously over the last couple of months, but finally hit it home this week. Even the younger members of the chorus are showing signs of improvement.

The show will run Friday through Sunday afternoon, ending in the striking of the set, followed by a pizza dance party. This is one of my favorite parts of the play, to be honest. As I watch my two oldest children form bonds with the other students in their school, ranging from kindergarten to eighth grade, I am slightly jealous that I never chose this path for myself. Boxy was heavily into theater productions when she was younger, and I could listen to her talk about that experience for hours. Maybe it is because I feel like there is an acceptance that comes from being part of the cast or crew for a performance. Either way I am glad that my children have chosen to be a part of the drama program.

Everything is set and ready to go for the first performance on Friday night. The kids are excited; they have worked extremely hard. They are ready to go. They have practiced hard this week and given it their all. Every day this week they have improved, and this should prove to be one of the best shows they have put on yet. On with show!

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