Thursday, April 2, 2015

Fit Snack Review: March 2015

Although I'm not always one for "healthy" snacks (I tend to eat like a child, I admit), I have been very impressed by Fit Snack, since they always pack their boxes so full and the snacks are often tasty, while still being healthy. 

This month wasn't my favorite, because I couldn't eat half of the items but I did reach out to Fit Snack, since they're usually very responsive to customers, to see if there was a way to set up my account to include only items that were vegetarian/vegan. I haven't heard back yet, but as soon as I do, I will let you all know! (I am actually pausing a ton of my subs for a couple months due to the move, but I look forward to going back to this as soon as I am settled.)

The first item I saw was beef jerky, so obviously I couldn't eat that. I'm sure it's good if you eat beef, but it will be passed along to someone who does. 

I am excited to try the Magic Cookie, because a cookie as a meal replacement? Sign me up!! ;) Hopefully it tastes good, because I am happy to replace all my meals with cookies.

There was also a sample of BioCoffee, which is basically a healthy coffee. Again, coffee that is also healthy pretty much takes something I love and mixes it with something I should be more conscious of overall, so I'm happy about this.

I wasn't able to eat the Smart blueberry oatmeal bar, which is disappointing since I bet it's good. However, it has gelatin in it (probably on the frosting, not actually inside the bar, but it's gelatin nonetheless).

There were two samples of Wowbutter, which I had gotten before from Taste Guru and then passed along to my sister in a big box of gluten-free items (she never told me if she got the box, so I hope it wasn't lost). I am looking forward to trying it myself now.

I'm very excited about the Flamous falafel chips, because I love falafel and really like chips! (Notice a trend? Make a healthy version of something really unhealthy and I will usually be suckered into eating it!) I love that Fit Snack included a spicy and original option, because it's nice to have both.

The last two items were a bag of Keen One Quinoa (love what they did there with the name) Chocolate Nut Krunch Snack Cluster and a stack of Movit Energy Gummies. I love chocolate and nuts, because they're like candy, so the Keen One will be enjoyed. I can't eat the gummies, of course, since they have gelatin.

Overall, this was about half great and half foods I can't eat, but Fit Snack has impressed me so far by listening to feedback and ideally I will be able to switch to a vegetarian or vegan option when I unpause my subscription this summer!

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