Monday, April 27, 2015

Pet Box Special Collection Review

My cats are super antisocial lately because they know something is up with the move. Fortunately it's not all that far, but they're not going to be thrilled about a car journey. So when I got an email from Pet Box promoting a special collection they had, I signed up. I figure maybe they'll be distracted by toys. I don't have pictures, though, because they wouldn't come down and play until much later. 

With Pet Box, you are actually given points and you select what goes in your box. I selected several catnip items and plenty of toys. The windup mouse ended up scaring the cats and I haven't tried the grow your own treats yet. They love the squeaky toy on a string, of course, as well as the mice (especially the ones with the full tails - the bright pink in the photo).

Surprisingly, though, the cats' favorite toys were the catnip bananas. These are the perfect shape so they can hug and kick at the same time (as cat owners know is a big thing for cats). Our male cat threw his across the room because he was so enthusiastic about killing it!

I am really happy I decided to get this box, because the variety was good and the cats ended up loving the toys for the most part. They need the pleasant distraction from the upcoming changes!

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