Friday, April 17, 2015

Something Snacks Review: April 2015

Oh, wow, this was a delight! Although there were two items I sadly couldn't eat, the rest more than made up for it! Something Snacks is a great subscription box, because they do a good job balancing your comfort foods with something unique each month. While I like to be adventurous, it can be tough when I have restrictions on what I will eat, and it really isn't fun to spend money only to receive things you can't try.

The first item was a GIANT Easter Egg shortbread cookie. And really, can shortbread cookies ever be bad? That was followed up by potato chips, which are like a drug to my husband. So cookies and chips - already an excellent box!

We were both so excited about the Cajun pretzels, but alas, they have Worcestershire sauce on them and that includes anchovies so my husband took them to work to give to someone.

I am ridiculously excited about the strawberry cheesecake popcorn. My husband even said that it was created for me - a mix of three of my favorite things: dessert, fruit, and popcorn!

We also received Brownie Brittle Toffee Crunch, a bag of salted fava beans, and two Mochi, which have gelatin so they were passed along. Overall, it's sad when we can't eat two items, but the others (with maybe the exception of the fava beans) seem like the perfect blend of snacks! I am very happy with the Something Snacks subscription and I certainly recommend trying them out.

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