Thursday, April 9, 2015

Awesome Pack Review (Boxy's Version): March 2015

I am such a fan of Awesome Pack. When I first saw this subscription box, I felt like it was meant for me, but then I worried that it wouldn't work because most of the reviews I saw were from families. We don't have kids and we don't play games, outside of online games, with friends due to distance. So I wasn't sure it would end up working, but every month, Awesome Pack just really seems to understand us. 

Since Crafty signed up for her own month, I was pretty excited, because to get the same subscription in a month and have them be so different clearly shows the customization that goes into these boxes. 

Our primary game was Al Rashid. We haven't had a chance to play anything yet, but this is a complex trading game that sounds really intriguing. Since we loved the Road to Canterbury game so much last month, this seems like a good fit, too. One thing I have to say impresses me about Awesome Pack is the quality of the games they include. We've found that the games are always well over what we pay for the subscription and the value of the box is excellent. In addition, after three months, I feel like it grows even more customized and personal each time. I was very happy with our first box, truly impressed with the second, and this one - our third - feels even more like Awesome Pack knows us. 

I am extremely excited about the second game, Showdown: Icons. Every month on my survey, I mention Magic cards. I know it's hard to send someone Magic cards, because you don't know what expansion they're playing and it can be tough to toss them in randomly. Showdown: Icons is another strategic card game, but it's contained within one box. I love this and I feel like it's so fitting since we are always hinting at Magic.

We also received Greed, which is a dice game, and I like the variety again in this box. The games from Awesome Pack tend to cover a broad cross-section of gaming types, and I like that most of the games are fairly quick but offer a lot of replayability. We don't always have time to play, so I like that we can try the games out in less than an hour, but I also like that we can go back to them and keep playing if we really enjoy them.

Since we don't have kids, our bonus items go to the kitties. They got some catnip and crinkle toys, which they had fun playing with. Since we are moving, we are realizing how many cat toys we really have because they are hidden EVERYWHERE!! I look forward to finding these in a month under something. ;)

We also got a bookmark, mini Garbage Pail Kids figures (can I just tell you how much I love Garbage Pail Kids? I was such a huge fan as a kid!), and a Ghost Rider key chain projector.

Finally, as a referral item, I got Krusty from The Simpsons and he is ADORABLE!! I am so happy yet again with Awesome Pack and I can't say enough how awesome they really are!

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