Monday, April 20, 2015

GlobeIn Review: April 2015

This month's GlobeIn theme was "Picnic," so the items were useful items for such a picnic! Although they seem to be moving away from artisans (which was originally the name of the box) to fair trade companies, I don't really mind. Although when I think artisan, I do tend to think handmade items. 

Included in the box was the basket, which has become a staple for me. I love them, because they're sturdy and pretty good-sized for organizing things. There was also a pack of dried mango and a set of napkins in a drawstring pouch. I love the pouch, because it would fit in a messenger bag or bigger purse and you could add other items beyond the napkins, saving space rather than relying on a full picnic basket. 

Also included was a sunscreen stick and a set of bento style lunch tins that, when you are done, can be combined into one. I love things that are convenient and I'm more likely to take a "picnic" when traveling, so I like that I would be able to get most of what we would need in my regular day bag - and when the picnic was over, it would just mean more space in the bag for other things! I tend to be the pack mule when we travel, so I like carrying the lightest amount of stuff possible.

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