Saturday, April 25, 2015

PURGGO Car Eco-Purifier Review

I drive a minivan, am a mom of three, and it has been said to me in the past that my van smells like a bar. So I am thankful to Purggo for providing me its Car Eco-Purifier to review!

The really neat thing about this purifier is that it is completely odorless. I have tried air fresheners in my car and home before, only to end up with one extremely itchy nose due to allergies. The other problem I have had with other air fresheners is that they mask the odor, but they don't actually get rid of the smell. So instead of having a car that is odorless or smelling of a fresh sea breeze, I have a car that smells like boy sweat mixed with a fresh sea breeze. That's just gross! The Car Eco-Purifier, though, doesn't add an odor to the air; instead, it actually uses bamboo and charcoal to trap the odors. 

Last week, in preparation for a long car trip, I cleaned out my van; you may be surprised by what I found in my car, adding to the awful smell. My oldest left a half full soda can, banana peel, and random trash in the far back of my van. There were also empty coffee cups, as well as a pair of shoes and various sports equipment. After I cleaned out the car, I hung the purifier over the front seat in hopes that maybe it would work.

I was pleasantly surprised after a few days when my car no longer smelled. My nose wasn't itching and there was no additional odor in my car. I can't say that my car is totally odor-free, but it is certainly 90% better than it had been. I am sure that cleaning it out helped a little bit, but the addition of the purifier made a difference, too. 

Purggo is a company that works to make sure its customers are happy and receive the best experience with the product. The day I received the purifier in the mail, Purggo emailed me with some tips to help me out. They recommended setting the purifier in the sun for 24 hours to make sure the bamboo was completely dry when I put it in the car. The email also let me know that it could take a couple of days before I noticed a difference in the way my car smelled, which it did. I am glad they told me. The last tip in the email was that, after a year when the purifier stops working in the car, I can actually open it up and use the bamboo and charcoal as a fertilizer for my plants. Now that is cool! 

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