Friday, February 6, 2015

Crafty's Educents Review

Valentine's Day for the big kids 50% off 

We were contacted to review, which is designed to bring educators, homeschoolers, and parents educational supplies at affordable prices.

Educents has a ton of choices from educational toys to curriculum and coloring sheets that help with math. As a mother of a preschooler, second grader, and fourth grader, I was pleased to see that all of their educational ranges were covered.

I downloaded the home-school curriculum Gratitude for free on the first day I checked out the website. I haven't had a chance to work with my second grader on it yet since I do not homeschool him, but I do love to find things to make learning fun.

I also downloaded a Frozen themed ABC and Math worksheet. This is especially awesome because all three kids love Frozen and by incorporating something they love and can relate to, the product allows them to learn math although they don't think this is educational (and therefore boring).

Some of the other items on the Educents site include Melissa and Doug toys, puzzles from Begin Again, maps, and science kits. This really is an educational haven! Not to mention that the products are discounted, so they are reasonable for everyone. 

The other thing I really liked about was that after signing up and registering, I received an email. They were simply checking in to make sure I found everything on their website and to make sure I didn't have any questions. As you know, Boxy and I take customer service very seriously and they seem to really be looking out for the customer. 

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  1. They don't have good customer service. They don't let you use your sign up bonus nor do they give you referral credits. They also don't give free shipping. They don't care when you talk to them about it. Look somewhere else.