Sunday, April 5, 2015

Crafty Gets Honest

About three years ago, I stumbled on The Honest Company when I was looking for a diaper alternative for my third child, who was about to be born. I had used cloth with my first and tried again with my second, but the sitter I had was unwilling to work with them. Although they were not cloth, The Honest Company's diapers seemed like a better choice than regular ones from the store. For a long list of reasons, I never ended up ordering from them, though, and mostly forgot about them.

Back then, I knew nothing about subscription boxes. I looked at the page and moved on and never came back to it. So when Boxy said to me a few months ago, "You should really check out The Honest Company," I was full of questions. I'd thought Honest only made baby products and Boxy doesn't have any kids. I couldn't figure out why she was recommending it to me since she wouldn't be buying diapers! She explained that, along with baby products, they also have household cleaners, bath and beauty products, and even vitamins. 

I admit that I generally let Boxy be the tester of products before I pay for them. I respect her opinion a lot. She has been a huge influence in my life in the last few years and I feel like if she tries something and loves it, it must be a good product - and one that is backed by quality, ethics, and good customer service. She seems to have a much lower tolerance than most people for unethical or shady practices, so when she is a huge advocate for something, I know she means it. Sometimes people are willing to say positive things about a company or product because they get affiliate bonuses. Boxy, however, not only tends to forget to mention she has an affiliate link (I have had to ask for it several times, since if I'm buying something anyway, why not use her link?!), she also refuses to promote something that she feels is unethical or dishonest.

Anyway, I was in Target one afternoon in January after talking to Boxy about how much she loved Honest and I saw their multi-purpose cleaner on the shelf. I picked it up to try at home - only to find out that I would have actually saved money by ordering directly from Honest!

I put that cleaner to the test in our house of five and that night, I signed up for a monthly subscription that I refuse to give up - no matter what! It worked wonders on just about any mess my kids could throw at it. The sticky feeling on just about every surface of my house? Gone. In fact, I love this cleaner so much that I have started cleaning more in general!

I never realized it but all of the chemicals I had been using to clean my house left a terrible odor throughout my home, which resulted in equally terrible headaches. The Honest Company uses natural, plant-based, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free ingredients. Now the kids can also no longer give me excuses about cleaning because it is totally safe for them to use these products - with supervision, of course!

When I placed my first order, I naturally got more multi-purpose cleaner, as well as dish soap, lotion, and toilet cleaner. Before my order even arrived, I had to contact the customer service department. Since Boxy was 100% responsible for my ordering, and because I had to make her dig up her affiliate link, I expected her to get credit. I made her check that she did, but sadly she had not received it once my order was placed. I call customer service and they were prompt in replying to me and getting Boxy her credit. I was extremely happy to know that she was getting taken care of for sending me to the company in the first place!

This past month, I changed my order a little bit. I added in bathroom cleaner, as well as another bottle of toilet cleaner. If you have hard water in your house, you need this product to scrub your toilets. It works better than any chemical-based cleaner out there!

My husband also requested I order dishwasher packs and I wanted to try out the shampoo and conditioner. I admit that I was worried about the dishwasher packs because, again, we have really hard water. Boxy had only tried the dishwasher detergent, but she also has hard water and told me that this it the only detergent she's ever used that actually gets her dishes clean (although she says she does have a weird issue getting coffee stains out of mugs). I let her assure me that these were completely worth the money and, again, she was right! You can likely see why I trust her opinion on products so much! My dishes came out completely clean and sparkling, as well as clear of all food particles and the "white slime" that usually coats them when they're done. 

The shampoo and conditioner are also amazing. They have left my thick hair feeling clean, soft, and totally manageable. The shampoo also doubles as a body wash. How perfect is that? Instead of toting three bottles on trips, you just need the two. Plus this means less waste when you are done!

There hasn't been a product from Honest that I haven't loved and I actually now really look forward to my cleaning supplies every month. Thanks to Boxy and The Honest Company, my family and home are on their way to becoming not only cleaner, but healthier as well.

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  1. I’m going to have to check this company out. It sounds like something that anyone could get behind – organic, powerful, and without the chemicals that can cause damage to your home’s surfaces. How well do the cleaners work on pet stains on carpeting? I’ve been looking for a good alternative to what I’m using now, which smells pretty awful.

    Monique Fletcher @ Safeclean Hillingdon