Tuesday, April 7, 2015

KitNipBox Review: April 2015

This isn't my best KitNipBox review, not because there was anything wrong with the box but because my plans, like all best laid plans, went gang aft agley. (Yes, I am aware that this is technically not the way to phrase this, but I was trying to be witty since it's all I've got with this review now.)

I have two cats. They love opening things and they love attention. So I decided to open the KitNipBox and tape them, because of course they wanted to be on YouTube. Sadly, it was a disaster. They kept walking away and then I was trying to open the items and then they ate something off the floor that I have no idea how they even found and then the male cat took a nap on the phone when I put it down to untangle him from the toy. So... instead I have two photos of the box itself. Lesson learned: Never start unboxing videos with cats.

This is the Spring Break KitNipBox and our featured charity is in Miami this month. There were a bunch of toys, including a plush bird's nest on a stick that caused a great deal of chaos and led to the downfall of the video, as well as catnip and treats. I wish I had a lot more to say, but the kitties just weren't having it this month. Next month, half the house will be clear from packing things so maybe we will use an empty room for the video and/or pictures!

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  1. I purchased my first KitNipBox in August. They included a mylar streamer wand toy, made by Ethical Products. My beautiful, healthy 8 1/2 year old cat some how got a hold of the toy and ate the streamers off. He died shortly after having surgery to remove them. KitNipBox'es contain unsafe toys. They still partner with Ethical Pet Products, who have not just one, but many unsafe cat toys. Just look around on Amazon, and you can see how Ethical Products toys have killed cats, and many other have had to have surgery.

    Please, do not use mylar toys. These are slowly going off the market, because of the huge danger they pose for cats. It's basically thick tinsel. Ethical Products, and KitNipBox still think it's fine to use mylar toys. My best friend is dead because of it. My sweet Latte died alone, and scared in a cage. He deserved so much better than that.