Sunday, February 1, 2015

Artistry Gift Wrap Review: February 2015

If you're anything like me, you always end up forgetting about gift wrap until you need it, and then you find yourself in CVS grabbing tissue paper and a gift bag on your way to a party or wedding. I simply don't think about it except at Christmas, and then I complain endlessly about how expensive it is. So when I came across Artistry Gift Wrap, I was intrigued. Although we don't have a ton of gift-giving opportunities, I still love having gift wrap and packaging available, to avoid those CVS moments. Plus, they offer great options - including a monthly subscription at $15, a bimonthly subscription at $25, and a quarterly subscription at $35. All of these are completely reasonable for what you get and you have the added bonus of always having items on hand when you need them. In addition, they customize for you, so if you're more of a gift bag person than a wrapping paper shopper, you will likely see a bigger mix or even just gift bags.

Since it's February, the theme this month is Valentine's Day. My husband and I don't really celebrate the holiday, figuring we should treat every day like it's special rather than waiting for one day a year. However, almost all the items in this order can be used for other occasions as well, and the few Valentine's Day specific items could be used for a parent or friend if you don't have a significant other or don't celebrate.

Both wrapping paper tubes were simple - a red and white. The red is very nice, because it will make an excellent Christmas paper, and both papers can be decorated and personalized. I like that touch, because they're basic if you're looking for something simple, but you can add your own craftiness to them as well. One suggestion for the white is to use kids' hand prints and I can think of many a grandparent who would love something like that!

Also included were Valentine's Day gift tags, which are really cute, and pretty stickers. I'm not sure I will personally use them but I know several people who would. Again, it's not necessarily about using them now, either, and that's a nice perk with a subscription like this. Eventually, you would never need to buy anything else to prepare gifts for any occasion.

I loved the little gift box and card, even if it is a Valentine's Day card. I am very impressed by the quality of the products here, as well as the simplicity. The products may vary for others, but I specifically noted that I prefer something basic. I'm not a big ribbons and frill kind of person and these are all very classic and minimalist products. I will definitely make use of the box, either for a birthday present or a gift card.

Finally, the package included a bonus chocolate bar, which is never a bad item to appear in a subscription box! :)

I am debating what frequency to sign up for, but I have signed up to subscribe to Artistry Gift Wrap (this package was a discounted sampler for review). I would love to have a variety of items to pick from and we spend so much at Christmas on paper because the prices are marked up astronomically. It would be nice to have paper on hand (and not to have to try to sign a card and stuff a gift bag in the car on the ride to someone's house or event anymore!). They also have really awesome plantable paper, so once you give the gift, the paper can be planted (they have carrots, sunflowers, wildflowers, and tomatoes).

Right now, Artistry Gift Wrap also has a special deal through the 15th of February. For any purchase of $20 or more in the shop (excluding subscriptions), you can get $10 off using code VALENTINE at checkout.

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