Sunday, February 1, 2015

Goals: February 2015

For our first official goal setting post, a quick review. Boxy has been trying to focus on organization (ironic given how many boxes she keeps getting, right?) and Crafty is trying to adjust her schedule to get everything done and still spend time with her family. These are still our long-term goals, but for this post is just our goals for February.

Little Miss Boxy:

I have two specific goals associated with my overall goals, as well as two random goals for February.

As far as decluttering, I would like to finish our library. This is one of the biggest projects we have and it will take a great deal of time. Maybe I can do even more, but I want to set realistic goals so I feel like I made progress. I also want to hookup our PS4, which is still in its box! :)

For meals, our schedule is as follows: Friday through Sunday, my husband and I cook together and these are our nights to experiment and also to try more complicated recipes. Monday, I make something easy, whether microwavable or simple like veggie burgers. Tuesdays are alternated by week and also simple. One week it's on me and the next it's on him. Wednesdays are his easier meal night and Thursdays are takeout. I would really like to follow this schedule and adjust only when necessary (if we go out on the weekend, for example). So I hope to report that we stuck to it in February. I would also like bake once a week.

My random goals are to increase the amount we recycle. We really aren't as good about it as we should be. We used to be so strict about it and our town wasn't even single-stream. Now we forget a lot and it's something easy to do that we definitely should be doing.

I would also like to pay off at least one credit card. That's a little tougher, since doing so means bringing in more freelance work for me and I can't control that. However, if I can bring in a little more, I want to put it towards something good so maybe this summer we can go on a vacation.

Little Miss Crafty:

My "mini" February goals include working out three times a week, because I have been slacking in this area for far too long. Nothing major, but I want to make sure that I plan it, so I can help make it a habit.

Right now my schedule is planned out to workout on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday, which works perfectly since the two weekdays are school days for all three kids. I am hoping to report at the end of February that I have stuck to this goal and that I am ready to move to four days a week!

My other February goal is to do at least one "project" a week with my preschooler. I have missed far too much time with him while being blissfully ignorant about the amount of time I spend on social media. My little guy is so much fun and has such a big imagination. I would love to take time to explore that with him. I am currently debating about signing him up for Kiwi Crate to make sure that I have a project for us for each week of a month, but I also know I need to save money. This might be an option soon. Right now, though, I think we will focus on his favorite activities in February. He loves playdough (which is so easy to make), cutting paper into a million pieces, and drawing pictures. I am excited to spend time with him and see what we create!

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