Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Goals: April 2015

With all the changes, April is going to be a month with some major overhaul. Not only is the weather changing (FINALLY), but we are also making major lifestyle changes. In the first quarter of 2015, we have each taken some big steps to make changes in our lives and now that we have adjusted to make them part of our routines, it's a good time to take these extra steps. So here's where we are headed this month.

Little Miss Boxy:

So I'm moving. We aren't going very far and it's a positive thing, but moving is always stressful. I love our house and there are things I'm going to miss a lot, but the new place has plenty of other things we don't currently have that will balance out what we will miss.

Fortunately, we still have a while. It's unlikely we will be fully moved until probably June so that's going to ease the process a bit. Every time we have moved (this will be move #5 in the nearly 20 years we have been together... wow. That's a long time!), we have gotten rid of so much stuff and sworn we would simplify - only to move again and look around thinking, where did it all come from? So now, it's time to purge yet again and hopefully really consider what we use and need. I think with the extended time to move, it will be easier on us. Most of our moves have been done in a weekend. Our first was our first apartment (although we had very little back then) and that was done with the help of both sets of parents. Then we rented a UHaul and had friends help us when we moved into a bigger apartment, which was also done in a weekend. When we moved into our first house, it was done again in a weekend with friends and family. Moving here, we were able to do it in shifts but then we ended up having to rush at the end due to an unforeseen emergency. So hopefully that won't be the case this time around and we can really do this over time, allowing us to plan before bringing things in. I also plan to take my time unpacking and settling in. This is the first time we've moved since I've been working in this job and the flexibility will be a huge help.

I intend to still keep up with our meals and system, since it has worked very well for us.

My random goals this month, outside of simply getting myself packed and getting things donated, are fairly personal. I have been feeling pretty disheartened by some things I see every day and I am going to try to be more cautious and considerate in a lot of what I do. I have a tendency to try to see the best in people and to give people far more chances than they deserve, so I want to spend some time this month rethinking that. Over the last few years, I have finally grown stronger in standing up for myself, but still not enough. I hate being mean and I hate being upset with anyone, so I end up tolerating a lot that I shouldn't. I need to make some changes in my life that allow me to feel better about everything holistically. Sometimes I let things go because it's easier, but in the end, I end up feeling worse about it and that's something I want to work on this month and long-term.

There is another personal goal, but I'm not really ready to talk much about it yet. Maybe eventually, but I am still trying to wrap my head around it and how to handle it at my level, but I definitely will spend a great deal of this month trying to work on that.

In addition, one of my goals has to do with this blog. I'm beginning to feel a bit used to be honest. Although I have some great relationships with companies and I feel like a few really get it, others have just made me feel awful. I pay for the majority of what we review. Yes, we do review boxes and products that are provided, but we are always honest. In fact, we recently had an issue with one company who basically tried to sabotage us for being honest. I feel that it's unfair to readers to lie. I will not promote something I haven't tried and I do like to pay for things as much as possible, simply because I want the real experience, but I am also only one person. I won't review something unless it's something I actually will use and I prefer to stick to things I actually do have interest in trying and sharing. I think, though, moving forward, I may want to see more of this space used for other things, like random posts and lifestyle things rather than just reviews. I have been cutting back on the boxes I'm subscribing to and I think I would rather use this space to truly share those things that make me happy and passionate, rather than just things. In addition, I feel as if my money is being wasted needlessly and I would rather focus on ways to spend it ethically and improve things than just throw it away. It truly bothers me when my money is good enough, but I am not - and too many business operate under that kind of model. Meanwhile, there are plenty who care for their customers and that is where I want to continue.

Little Miss Crafty:

I love the spring and, as Boxy mentioned, this is a time for change. This month is going to be exciting for me as I plan a very special trip that I am extremely excited about it. I have finished my first term for my bachelor's degree with a 4.0 GPA, and I recently just achieved my certification for my current job.  I also have some personal things that I will work towards this month.

As previously mentioned, my weight and health are an issue. I am determined to make changes for the positive in both of these areas. Working on getting back on track is no longer an option; it is time that my actions speak louder than my words. As for my health, I recently had an appointment in which a change of medication was discussed with me. I am struggling with this choice simply because it is a medication I have been on for close to ten years now. I will need to do some soul searching to figure out what is best for me at this point in time and if the change will truly help me or not.

Along with my physical health, it has been brought to my attention that my emotional health needs some work. This is not something that is new to me, I have been aware of the problem for some time now. This month I want to take time to consider working to reduce my self-induced stress. I am a worrier by nature. I come by it honestly; both my mother and grandmother worried non-stop about everything. The pattern I have noticed over time, though, is that sometimes unnecessary worry not only pushes people away, but it also has negative effects on my own health. I have found that I am not sleeping well, crying more often, and feeling anxious when it isn't warranted.

I am also going to work very hard to make sure that my words and actions match. It is important to me that others say what they mean and do what they say. I feel as though I should be held to the same standard. I want to say that I have gotten better with this over the last few months; however, it is a process of growing and it is one I need to work on.

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