Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Temptations Snacky Mouse Review

IMPORTANT NOTE: I posted my review on the Temptations site as expected from Influenster, giving them a four star rating because this was a fail for us as you will see but may work for others. Temptations decided to remove my review and will not respond to customer service contact. I have decided no longer to purchase their products, as I do not support unethical businesses that behave this way. I think people should be aware when companies only want praise and not honest feedback. This may explain why they have so many recalls, because they don't care about anything but publicity and scamming consumers.

I am ashamed to admit this, but we have discovered that our cats are dumb. I love them very much and they are my babies, so I am sure this is the same sad feeling parents have when they realize their son, whom they really hoped would be the star quarterback, decides he hates football.

When Influenster sent me an email saying that we (well, our cats) had been selected to sample and review the new Snacky Mouse from Temptations, I was excited. My cats love Temptations treats and they love boxes now so this would be perfect. We received a big yellow box and I called the cats when I was coming inside to get them excited.

The way this works is that the little toy mouse holds treats, so you fill it with Temptations, and then the cats smack it around to get treats out of it. In theory. We were sent the mouse, with a small sample of treats that is included in the package, along with a full bag of treats.

I filled the mouse up while the cats yelled at me and then placed it between them, full of treats. At which point they stared at me some more and she yelled, to repeat the request that I feed them. I pointed to the mouse and they ignored me. Finally, I shook it a bit to get two treats out so they could see how it worked. He promptly ate those two as they landed near him and she cried for more.

I shook it harder, stressing to them that the treats were in the mouse and they could get more by simply smacking it. They ate the treats. He eventually knocked more treats out with his head as he ate the ones on the floor, but neither of them figured out that it fed them. Instead, once the accidentally released treats were out, they waited for more treats.

My husband, having minored in Psych in college, reminded the cats that this is the world's most basic experiment. Lab mice and rats figure this stuff out in about five seconds. They didn't listen and continued to wait for me to pour treats out. 

They love Temptations and devour the treats we give them, but figuring out the concept of the Snacky Mouse was just too challenging. Pavlov would have ended up in the gulag if he'd had my cats instead of his dog....

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.


  1. I love this post for several reasons. I love it because you are honest, you have a expect a company to want that out of you. You don't change your reviews simply because I company only wants positive feedback. Things can't change if no one makes suggestions or speaks their mind. Shame on this company for deleting comments, and not responding. I also love it because the way you talk about the cats being dumb and relating it the parent child reaction is perfect. In fact as a parent I know that feeling and as a pet owner I know it too. I will never forget the day I realized my dog was OCD about running in circles :/ Lastly I love that your husband tried to use psychology on the cats, he is very right and it is a good thing your cats were not part of any of Pavlov's experiments lol. Awesome post and thank you for the information.