Saturday, March 21, 2015

Fandom of the Month Review: February 2015 (Divergent/Star Wars)

I can't believe I didn't know about Fandom of the Month Club earlier! This is a geeky subscription service that includes jewelry each month from different fandoms. Past examples have included Lord of the Rings, The Hunger Games, and Harry Potter

So I signed up as soon as I heard about this, because for under $15 a month, who doesn't want three geeky jewelry pieces in a collectible bag?! Almost immediately upon signing up, the theme for February was announced - it was going to be Divergent

Now Fandom of the Month operates simply - you get that month's fandom whether you like it or not. Chances are you know someone who will use the items. I knew this going in and I figure for $15, the worst case scenario is I really hate the fandom that month and that's that. But since it was my first month and I really don't like Divergent, I contacted Erin and asked if I could just start in March. She was super responsive, though, and offered to send me Star Wars instead, since she had a few left. I thought that was amazing, because she doesn't normally do that and honestly, if I had been doing this for a while, I wouldn't have even asked. I just didn't want to start with Divergent, because I found the books to be dull and way too heavy on the boring romance aspect. I don't hate Veronica Roth or anything, but there are few fandoms I would like this little. 

The reason this review is coming so late is that I was accidentally sent Divergent anyway. As you can see, the items in both are beautiful. The bags are made by S & S Ink and are perfect - themed for each month's orders. I talked to Erin and we arranged for Star Wars to head out and I sent Divergent back, since it was only fair. The bag included Yoda and his famous quote and the monthly card was the crawl from the movies. Here's the Star Wars collection, which I opened since I planned to keep it. I am signed up for six months now and I love the entire concept behind this. I also love that the pieces are very nice, even if you don't love the fandom. Had we not arranged a sub for this past month, I would have hung on to the jewelry from Divergent as it was so nice! I also love how responsive Erin is, since I feel like such a pain about this (I should have waited for the spoilers, but she closes subscriptions and I wanted to get in - I love that the subscriptions are limited, allowing the quality to remain consistent.)

In the Star Wars bag was a set of R2-D2 earrings. I am generally not a girl who wears studs, but how can you resist these? R2-D2 is one of my favorite Star Wars characters and these are amazing!

The necklace was silver (I love that these are silver toned, by the way) and was the Death Star. The chain is long enough for anyone and it's such a quality piece. I can't wait to wear my Star Wars jewelry out!

Finally, I tried to get a good picture of the Darth Vader ring on my finger but my camera would not cooperate. I love this because it's a chunky ring, which is my preference, and it's also Darth Vader, who is one of the coolest villains ever! :)

I seriously love this subscription. Not only is the customer service amazing, the items are really high quality and beautiful and so well themed. Even the collectible bags are nice and it's all for under $15 a month!

This month, the theme will be Doctor Who and I AM SO EXCITED. Check out Fandom of the Month Club now - I'm not sure if there are openings left, but it is so worth it!!


  1. This is so cool!!!! How awesome that they totally hooked you up so you didn't miss a month!