Friday, March 6, 2015

Nibblr Box Review: March 6

I admit I'm getting backed up on all our snacks. We love to eat, but we can't eat all of what we have, so I recently switched my Nibblr box to biweekly. I haven't bought snacks outside of subscription boxes in some time now and we are still dealing with overflowing cabinets. There are bigger problems we could have, and I'm not complaining. It's just clarification on why you'll see less of these posts. 

This was an awesome collection from Nibblr, after my only disappointing one came last week. We got PB&J again, which is a mix of peanuts, grape-infused raisins, and peanut butter wafers. I love this snacks!

We also got My Ipanema Love. This is described as Brazil nuts, dried currants, and banana chips. There were some currants, a ton of banana chips, and one Brazil nut. :) I like banana chips, though, so I don't mind much.

The third snack was Take Me Out to the Ball Game. This is a mix of peanuts, pretzels, and sunflower seeds. It is basically the healthy version of Cracker Jacks. I thought this was okay, although the repeat snacks were my favorites in this box. This isn't surprising, as those are two of my favorites from all the Nibblr boxes we've had. (Cheddy at the Ready and PB&J)

Finally, we got more Cheddy at the Ready. These were gone fast, since my husband and I both love the cheese cracker snacks from Nibblr and Nature Box! :) I think we have a new cheesy cracker coming in our next box - this time Monterrey Jack.

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