Thursday, March 5, 2015

Graze Box Review: March 5

Signing up for the Graze Box double pack biweekly has been great, but now I long for the days it arrives! And both my double packs have been even better than my regular weekly pack (which was already awesome), so I'm happy!

I admit that I cheat and check my boxes while they're in transit to me so I know what I got. It ruins the surprise but when they're boxes like this one, it just makes arrival that much more exciting!

One of the first items on the top layer were Barbecue Sub sticks with BBQ relish. These are very good, although I'm not a huge BBQ fan. They have enough bite to them, though, to be just what you need if you're craving something along those lines. Mixed with my nuts and fruits, however, this was probably my least favorite. It's still really good, though.

I tend to really enjoy the dipper snacks and the Oat, Spelt, and Cocoa Cookie Dippers with cherry compote were no exception. I don't know what spelt is, but these are chocolate cookies with cherry jam. Need I say more? :)

The Black Pepper Cashews actually had more pepper to them than I expected. So many recipes call for black pepper, but I always feel like it's invisible and has no flavor. On the cashews, it makes a difference and I was taken aback by how potent it was. I like cashews and I like spices, so this is a good snack!

The Booster Seeds is a mix of pumpkin, sunflower, and flax seeds. I am getting a lot of these mixes lately, but I don't mind because I love them. However, flax seeds are sharp! I managed to cut myself on them, which hurt!

On the bottom level, the first snack was Apple Cosmo. This is dried apple, cranberries, and lime raisins. It was very, very good! If you don't like sweet, I would warn you that this is definitely a super sweet and tart snack. However it really is like a cosmo! (Without all the drunken antics, of course.)

There was another pack of cashews, but these were Honey Drizzled Cashews. I like that you get two cashew packs, and one is sweet while the other is savory. You really can't go wrong sending me cashews, but this is nice to fit either snacking need.

Cinnamon Pretzel is a mix of cinnamon almonds and pretzels. It's pretty basic but oh so tasty!

The last snack was just a pack of pistachios, but these are my husband's favorite healthy snack! This small little serving had no chance with him around!

I am always so happy when I get my Graze boxes! If you haven't tried them yet, I recommend them heartily. Remember, they can even deliver to your work so you can have the snacks at the ready right there in your desk.

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