Sunday, March 1, 2015

Pedisoft Callus Remover Review and Giveaway by Crafty

I hate to admit this almost but when Boxy told me that we had the opportunity to review the Pedisoft Callus Remover, I was a little giddy inside. I know it isn't the type of thing most people get excited about, but for me this was a big deal, especially if it actually worked.

Here is the scoop on why I needed this product so badly and needed it to work even more. I hate shoes. I hate them. In the summer, if I have to wear shoes, they're flip flops; in the winter, I generally run around barefoot at home and wear sneakers if I have to leave the house. I don't even like to wear socks, with the exception of this winter since it has been in subzero temperatures more often than not.

With that said, my feet over the years have built up a very large amount of calluses, and they are impossible to remove. I have had pedicures, I have tried the miracle soak that I saw on Pinterest, I have bought gadget after gadget to try to help, as well as cream after cream - all to no avail. It is actually so bad that about a year ago, my daughter said to me, "Mommy, what do I have to do so that my feet don't end up like that?" My gross feet were the topic of conversation for days because she was so worried her feet would get gross like Mommy's. :(

I will warn you now that I am about to show you a picture of how very callused my feet were.
I know it is pretty nasty and most people don't want to see anyone's feet, let alone mine. Here it is, though, extremely callused. It has been this way for way too long.

After about five minutes of using the Pedisoft Callus Remover, my foot was incredibly soft and smooth. Even better, ALL the calluses were gone! I was floored. I honestly expected this to be yet another tool that was designed to take care of my calluses that wouldn't actually work.

This is the same foot after five minutes of use. Not only does it work but it is completely painless, and it's so soft on your feet that I even used it on my 9-year-old. She could hardly feel it. A warning, though - if your feet are ticklish, you may giggle while using this product.

This is also rechargeable so there is no need to waste batteries or have to hunt to find new ones when it runs out. You simply plug it in.

If you have trouble with calluses on your feet and have tried every other product out there, look no further. This product could not be better, I seriously love this and have already begun telling all of my friends how happy I am that my feet are smooth. My husband, who is used to my scratchy feet in bed, was shocked by how well this worked. Buy one and buy it now!

Want to win your own? Share this post on any social media and then tag us to show it's done! :) This expires March 8!


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  2. Oh I love how that worked for you!!! My heels are so dry and cracking, lotions just have not helped.
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  3. I really need this in my life. My feet need some serious TLC I have been so busy the past few months I have neglected them. I love the fact that it seems easy enough to use at home, yourself and does not appear painful in any way I am not fond of nail salons due to spread of bacteria. Great little gadget :)
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  4. I loved reading this! I try to just do my own thing on my blog, but it's nice to have people who inspire you when you're just starting out!

  5. I've used it, but only two months. I think it's very good but I do not care to use it. That's the best electric callus remover I used