Sunday, March 1, 2015

Petit Vour Review: February 2015

I truly enjoy Petit Vour, although I had to put my subscription on hold for the next few months. The winter has been harsh and our heating bill is pretty high so I've decided to pause a few subscription boxes until spring. As much as I love this box, I don't use the items quickly enough so I figured I would pause but I will definitely be going back.

This month's box included a mascara (I'm pretty stocked now in that area), a cream, body scrub, and two perfume samples. I don't get very excited about perfume samples, although I do like Harvey Prince. The Imperial Gardenia is great and I will definitely use it. On the other hand, I'm not a fan of the Damask Rose. It's not a comment on the product, but a preference. I don't like the smell of roses at all. Generally I don't like floral scents at all, although I do like the Imperial Gardenia because it's a fresh scent and in minimal doses is nice. 

Again, this is a box I tend to like more in theory than in usefulness, but for the cost, the value is there and as soon as spring comes, I will open my account again.

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