Monday, March 2, 2015

Eco Emi Variety Box: February 2015

Surprise - my Eco Emi Variety Box is awesome! ;) (Of course it is, because it always is!) I recently decided to stick to the Variety Box over the Beauty Box, at least until winter and the heating costs pass, because I think I prefer it. Sure the samples are smaller, but it's more loaded and I find myself exposed to a greater variety of brands. I'm happy to buy things I like and I get so many great products from Eco Emi.

Every month, the items come wrapped in tissue paper and sealed. Inside were rose petals and an info card, and the beauty products were wrapped in their own bag. I love the detail and effort put into this box. Again, I really can't stress how amazing everything Eco Emi does is.

I like the Variety Box more, too, because there are usually household, health, or food items, as well as beauty products. As someone who doesn't use nearly as many beauty products as I receive, this is a nice balance for me.

For food, there was a coconut oil chocolate spread from Love Bean, more of the Superfruit, and Yummies from sweetriot, which are basically healthier M&Ms. There was also a sample of Ahhh Detox cleanse, which I tried. It was needed and fairly gentle, which is nice.

In the makeup and beauty section was a cocoa mint lip balm (I will never need to buy lip balm again!), as well as a lip gloss. I love lip products so these made me happy. There was also anti-aging eye serum, which I won't use. It's a small sample, though, so I don't mind.

Finally, we received a set of shampoo and conditioner from Beauty without Cruelty. I was so excited to get these. Every box from Eco Emi is fabulous! I look forward to it every month!

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