Monday, March 2, 2015

Wet Shave Club Review: February 2015

A while ago, I had my husband review Dollar Shave Club. He's not the most high maintenance person, especially when it comes to shaving, so boxes of product for shaving his face tend to confuse him. When I told him I needed him to try out Wet Shave Club's box for a review, he again did what I asked but was a bit overwhelmed. 

Wet shaving is a dying art, but it's slowly being revived as people try to return to more natural and traditional measures in order to balance our overuse of manufactured (and often outsourced) products. It's generally ideal for those who allow their beards to grow longer, which meant we actually let my husband grow more stubble than normal for him in order to give an accurate review. 

As I said, he's not generally the type to grow a beard, shaving every other day most of the time. Wet shaving could be incorporated into that kind of routine, but for a beginner, it made sense for him to have more to work with to test it out. 

There was a lot in the box, including (thankfully) detailed directions. We received a razor and a package of blades, as well as a blade holder, aftershave, spiced rum shave soap (smells awesome!), and a lather brush. Everything came packaged quite nicely and I was impressed by how well presented the box was as a whole. 

Sadly I could not convince the husband to let me film him shave. He reported that the majority of the process was actually quite easy, and he felt like the shave was extremely quick and got everything. He even used the aftershave later and he said none of the items were invasive (he hates lotions and soaps, usually using nothing but water to shave, and he found these worked well for him). His only complaint was that some of the more nuanced areas required an additional shave with his cartridge razor, such as his upper lip. This is likely due more to inexperience with the traditional blade than anything else.

Given time, wet shaving would become easier and more comfortable, we imagine. The fact that wet shaving is much cheaper and produces far less waste is a definite bonus, and it's nice to have the option to return to more traditional measures. I personally like it as it decreases dependency on corporations as well. You need a lot less and you can get your items anywhere. When you consider that Wet Shave Club can provide these for a reasonable price and you can always skip months, it seems like a very worthwhile service.

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