Monday, March 2, 2015

Plated Meal Review (with Creative License)

I have so many great things to say about Plated. The food is good, the service is exceptional, and the recipes are really suited to our lifestyle. In addition, I've gained so much confidence through using them only for a few months because now I feel comfortable being creative with the recipes. 

This week, we ordered three meals: Tofu with Citrus Glazed Vegetables, Quinoa Stir Fry, and Pasta. My husband and I thought about it a bit and realized we really liked the idea of a tofu stir fry, so we used the tofu from one recipe, along with the orange to make the Stir Fry a citrus soy ginger tofu mix, saving the quinoa and veggies for other recipes. 

Because of this, our final product looks nothing like the recipe they sent, of course. Rather than compare, I just want to say that they make it really easy not only to cook and ensure you have the ingredients you need, with healthy and natural recipes, but that they also make it easy even for beginners like us to take creative license and make our own stir fry. Obviously if you are calorie conscious or are focused on getting the recipe exact, Plated is designed for that. However, I love that I get a box of ingredients and now can use the recipe to try to create my own versions that include items I love, too. 

For this, we used the recipe mostly for the quinoa, subbing in the tofu. It includes scrambled egg, onions, garlic, ginger, soy and sesame sauce, carrots, cabbage, peas, and scallions. We mixed the juice from the orange in the other recipe into the sauce and we also added our own almonds we had in the cupboard. There was a packet of sriracha included, too, although my husband added that on his own. I tried it but I preferred the sesame, soy, and ginger with citrus flavor.  

I'm going to try using the veggies from the other recipe in another stir fry with our own tofu we have on hand, as well as use the quinoa to make vegetarian meatballs. 

For the pasta recipe and desserts, we followed the recipes and I will be sharing my pictures and review soon!


  1. Mmm yummy! We're also expecting a Plated box too. The ran out the dessert so we ordered just 3 recipes. I also like their recipes too. Compared to Blue Apron, they're much easier and quicker to get done.

    We're also trying out GreenChef too. Have you tried them?