Friday, March 6, 2015

Treatsie Review: February Subscription Box

Oh, man, Treatsie makes a nice box! I feel a little silly sitting here with all my healthy snacks in the pantry while my Treatsie box doesn't even make it that far. This is a dangerous subscription box. I paused a lot of my candy subscriptions, but Treatsie's box is more dessert type treats from artisans than candy exactly. And it is very good.

We already get the double box because my husband and I like each getting our own and ideally the box should last the whole month that way. This month, Treatsie had the deal where you got double treats so my box is ridiculous. (In the best possible way.)

Several of the items were actually part of the deal, so they were not included technically in the subscription box for the month. I will try to note what was part of the regular box to help you get a sense of what is normally in a box. 

The first item was not a subscription item. These were mini chocolates in three flavors: Red Velvet Milk Chocolate, Fleur dr Sel Dark Chocolate, and Mimosa Dark Chocolate. I have only tried the Red Velvet so far and it was mindblowingly yummy. All the chocolates come from Alcove and I definitely need to research them. It looks like they sell gift boxes, so that's good to know!

Also included in the box as part of the bonus deal were Avenue Sweets caramels. I'm not sure what flavors these are exactly - plain and chocolate, I guess, since there's nothing else in them, but they're quite tasty. There was also a bag of Raley's Confectionary hard fruity candies, which was a bonus item, and was refreshing after all the chocolate. Don't get me wrong - they can keep sending me chocolate, but I liked the variety of the additional treat.

The Nunu Chocolates lollipops were in the subscription for this month. I'm not a big fan of chocolate lollipops usually, but I did say to my husband that Nunu certainly knows how to make chocolate! There are no additional ingredients listed, but the flavor had something extra to it that made these stand out as something a little better than normal. 

Another subscription item was the Carla Hall container of Mexican chocolate chip cookie minis. These were incredible. The perfect bit of crispy cookie with a soft center and they tasted like heaven! :)

The last two items were also subscription items and wow... these were absolutely amazing! The first is a chocolate peanut butter pretzel bar from Chocolate Twist. This is a bar of caramel with a layer of peanuts, topped with pretzel bits, and then a layer of peanut butter - all wrapped in chocolate. It's extremely heavy and filling, but it's also incredibly delicious!!

Finally, there was a bag of toffee from McFaddy's Candy. This particular toffee had a raspberry flavor and chocolate coating and was phenomenal. I had a really hard time putting it down!

There is only one complaint I have about Treatsie and that's the fact that the ingredients are listed nowhere. Not on the info card, not on their site, etc. Most of the artisans list ingredients on their sites and the products are all natural, but you never know when stray meat products end up in your food. I know Treatsie clearly states not to sign up if you have allergies and that's not really the issue for us, but I do like knowing what I'm eating.

Otherwise, I loved this box and probably need to tape it up and eat some sunflower seeds or something healthy. But I'm pretty sure the toffee is calling my name.

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