Friday, March 6, 2015

System Sharpener Product Review

I don't spend a fortune on kitchen items and in the 15 years my husband and I have lived together, we've had two knife blocks. We only bought our new one a few years ago after our old knifes literally started falling apart. However, sometimes when cutting produce, I've noticed the blades are getting duller. So when I saw a chance to review the System Sharpener Knife Sharpener, I was excited!

Admittedly, it's a simple product. It comes with a suction cup on the bottom that secures to your countertop and then you run the blades through the sharpener for honing or sharpening.

Our countertops didn't hold the product in place all that well, but it's small. I don't see holding it with one hand while running the knife through with the other as very complicated. I had no trouble at all.

I do love that the product is compact. We were able to use it and then store it in the utensils drawer, making it a useful and easy to store product. This is especially important for me, as we have limited counter and cabinet space.

What's pretty amazing about this is that it can also be used for other kinds of knives, like hunting knives. The small size makes it easily portable for travel and it's a great product to have on hand when out in the woods. It is also safe to use, quick, and is effective.

For the price, it's a completely valuable addition to your condition and has additional uses if needed. I love that it's so compact and that it does what it should!

Would you like to win your own? Let us know why this product would make your life easier and we will take care of getting it to you! A winner will be chosen by 3/25. 

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