Wednesday, March 4, 2015

1Up Box Review: February 2015

Since I've been so disappointed with Voldemort of geek subscription boxes, I've been listening to others' feedback to see which subscription I should try next. I had several recommendations for 1Up Box, and it's far and away the cheapest, so I decided why not.

Sadly, I admit I didn't really like this box very much, but for the price, I will give it another month or two. I get a lot of the geeky boxes and this one just doesn't do anything special for me. They're really new, though, so we will see. They didn't do anything wrong; it just wasn't enough to excite me.

Let's start with the negative, because as I said, it's not a terrible box, but it's really not something I'm thrilled about. The box is called 1Up Box, so you'd think it would be a gaming box. However, this is the most gaming-oriented box I've seen from them - and it's still not really a gaming box. I don't understand why someone can't create a gaming box for video games. Yes, I am aware we all have different platforms but I'm sure you can ask people what platforms they have and curate a couple variations. Anyway...

This month's theme was the Apocalypse and I feel like the Link hearts and mushroom candy are a total stretch. This doesn't feel like it was curated, but tossed in to fill the box. I don't need perfect curation, but it does seem a little odd. I will give them credit, though, for at least attempting to rationalize the items' inclusion rather than just tossing them in.

The zombie hand sanitizer and stress ball are cute and they're little bonus items. 1Up Box does have the value, I must say, because there's a decent amount of stuff here for the budget price.

I really love the Daryl windup figure. He's adorable.

Now, the final item is a 50/50 kind of item. The reason is that I don't think it's ever bad to include shirts in subscription boxes since you can wear them around the house even if you don't like them. The design on this shirt is amazing. HOWEVER, (and yes, it's a very big however) the shirt has two significant problems.

First of all, if you order from 1Up Box, be aware these shirts run really small. As I said, I never mind shirts because I can sleep in them or wear them around the house when cleaning or working out, but that also means I like my shirts giant. If I'm wearing it around the house as PJs, it needs to be comfy to sleep in. The shirt in this box doesn't even fit for the size it is, and that's a pretty big problem.

Secondly, and this is something that matters a great deal to me in the Northeast but likely won't matter as much to people in other areas, the shirt is very, very thin. Maybe it's because Nerd Block is way up in Canada, but their shirts are SO hefty. Some people like thin shirts and with 1Up Box being in Southern California, I bet they do personally. I, however, am currently sitting indoors because, with the wind chill today, it's 35 degrees below zero. I prefer, therefore, warmer clothes.

So for me, the shirt is not really something I can account for in value because it's small and thin. I won't wear it, even to bed, so that leaves me with the other items. Although they're cute, you can see that they're not the most exciting items to receive and right now I guess the jury will still have to be out on 1Up Box.

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